Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Simpson County

    This list was complied by Margaret Snider as part of a DAR program.  If you have corrections and/or additions, please E-mail me.

NEELY, James Listed in Perrin’s History, p. 682. Came to Simpson County ca 1800. Died ca 1823 - Simpson Circuit Order Book Al, p. 72.

PEARCE, George (Washington) Pvt MD Line. Pensioner #S49294. Application 16 Apr 1823, age 74. Enlisted at Valley Forge. Wounded at Battle of Euteau Springs. Listed on Simpson 1819 Tax List, Simpson 1820 Census, Simpson 1830 Census.

ROPER, James Pvt NC Line, enlisted Caswell Co. Pensioner #R8996. Application 4 Mar 1831, age 89. Born Caswell Co NC, June 1745. Marr. Mary Noel (b. 1768) in Caswell Co NC in 1788. Listed on Simpson 1820 Census, Simpson 1830 Census.

SLOSS, John Patriot who rendered aid in Orange Co NC. Listed on Simpson 1826 Tax List. Buried in Sloss Cemetery on Stevenson Road.

SMITH, John, Sr. Officer in NC Regiment. Moved to what is now Simpson County in 1803. Buried near site of old Pilot Knob Presbyterian Church. B. 24 Aug 1762 NC, d. 21 Dec 1829. Son of E. & R Smith. Wife Elizabeth Bradford, b. 25 May 1771, d. 10 Feb 1823.

SMITH, John B. Came to Warren County (now Simpson) ca 1785. See p. 645 Perrin’s. B.NC 1769-D. Simpson Co KY 1821. Buried in Smith Cemetery on Hwy 100E. Wife: Henrietta Graham B. 22 Apr 1785 - D. 6 Jun 1873.

STANFORD, John SC Service. DAR Patriot Index: b. 1760 SC, d 1818 KY. Wife - Mary Lucas Buried next to Anaconda fence line on 31W North.

STEPHENSON, James Filed on several tracts of land on Sinking Creek - ca 600 A. B. SC 14 Apr 1744 - D. Simpson Co 1821. Marr. 28 Apr 1768 to Mary Young. Came to Simpson (then Logan) in 1796. Simpson Circuit Order Book A, p. 288 - d. ca 10 Nov 1821. Instrumental in establishing Stephenson Meeting House. See p. 448, 449 Families Past and Present.

STRADTER, Conrad In 1798, settled on a 200 A. land grant on Drake’s Creek at state line. Wife - Nancy____. They were from Caswell Co NC. Buried at New Hope Baptist Church.


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