Lambert Family

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Originally written by: Quincy "Queen" Anne (Lambert) Richards or Valeria (Lambert) Alexander circa 1946

As far back as our records go is to one Josias and Barbara Lambert who claimed to be of Scottish birth. They settled in Virginia in an early day, moving from there to South Carolina, about 60 miles from Charleston, where they died. They had two children, David and Mary. Mary married William Bush and died in Sumner Co. Tennessee. David Lambert was born in 1756 either in Virginia or South Carolina. He married Sarah Stevens and moved from So. Carolina to Warren County Ky in 1805 and settled on a farm between Middle Fork and Drakes Creek near Massey's Mill. (Massey's Mill was located off Hwy. 622 at the bridge below the Drake store by the old house on the right side as you head towards Bowling Green.) He died in 1834, and his wife Sarah died in 1837. They had five sons and two daughters born to them in the following order. Viz : - Rivers, David, Nicholas, Sally, Josias, Barbara, and Benjamin Davis. Rivers, the oldest son of David, married a Miss Nancy Sturgeon and lived in Middle Fork of Drakes Creek in Warren Co. Ky. The following sons and daughters were born to them: William, David, Josias, Sally, Lucinda, Nicholas, Rivers, Ewing, Dolly and Jackson. They moved to Gallatin Co. Illinois about the year 1840. William the oldest son of Rivers Lambert married Rebecca Nanny and died without children. David, the second son of Rivers Lambert, married Fanny Nanny. They had three sons John, Josias, William Jackson or Richard. John first married Elizabeth Sprague and his descendants are as follows: one son Marshall Lambert who married Katherine Marshall. They had a son and a daughter. The son died early in life and the daughter Elizabeth married Tom T. Richards of Morganfield, Ky. John Lambert's second wife was Levinia Waggoner Jones. We do not know anything about Josias or William, only it is thought William settled in Texas. Sally Lambert daughter of Rivers Lambert married Dan Franklin. They had two children - Viz: Matilda, who married Pressley Martin and William who died early in life. Rivers Lambert Jr. married Peggy Houston(?) Ewing Lambert married first Charlotte Davis. No record of whom Nicholas and Jackson married. Josias, Lucinda and Dolly never married. End of Rivers Lambert's descendants.

David Lambert brother of Rivers and son of David Lambert who was born in 1756 - died of fever soon after coming to Ky. and while living in Warren Co. Nicholas Lambert was drafted in the War of 1812 and died of sickness soon after going into service while on the borders of Canada. Benjamin Davis Lambert the youngest child married a Miss Polly Gibson. They raised one girl Nancy who married Elias Morgan. Two children were born to them Ellen and William. Ellen married John Hester and have 7 children. Billy Morgan married Raney Harman.(?) They raised one girl, Mallie, who married Cleveland Goodrum. One girl was born to them named Hallene. She married Stanley Cole and they have a son. All live near Boyce, Warren Co. Ky. Sally Lambert married Anthony Horton moved to Missouri and died. Their descendants live there but we have no record of them. Barbara Lambert married Henry Jarrett Lightfoot and lived in Simpson Co. Ky. till 1853. They moved to Southwestern Missouri where they died about 1865. They had 5 sons and 8 daughters Viz. 1) David who married Sally Chapman 2) John Franklin married Kezzie Chapman 3) Melinda married Isaac Clark 4) Mahala married Jack Blue 5) Melissa married Marion Jackson 6) Elizabeth married Franklin Dixon 7) Polly married William Rush 8) Sally married John Pope 9) Esau Jackson Lightfoot married Nancy Herrington and died in Simpson Co. 10) Josias Lightfoot died in Missouri when a young man. There is no record of the marriages of Henry Banister, Rebecca or Dorothy Lightfoot. Josias Lambert, our grandfather, was born in South Carolina about 60 miles from Charleston, Jan. 27, 1791. He came to Ky. with his father in 1805. He married Elizabeth Wiotte the 13th day of May 1821. He bought a farm in Simpson County Ky. near the Warren Co. line and lived there till their deaths. They were buried in Old Union Cemetery. They had eight children born to them in the following order:- Ally Matilda, Sarah Jane, Elizabeth Garrett, William Wiotte, Karen Happuch, Josias and Barbara Ann (twins), James K. Polk. Ally Matilda married John Mitchell Billingsley in 1848. She died at Ewing, Ill. In 1885 and was buried in the cemetery there. Four children were born to them as follows:- Mary Elizabeth, John, Cynthia, and Arthusa Jane. Mary Elizabeth married John T. Whitlock in 1885 and died in 1887 at Ewing, Ill. and was buried there. She left one son, John Kelley Whitlock. Kelley married Miss Mabel Reed who died in Texico, Ill in 1952. They have four children. Mary Gertrude - not married - is a teacher at Waukegan, Ill. Edwina married Phillip Austin. They also live at Waukegan and have five children. Scott, Patricia, Jerry and Joan twins, and Virginia Gray. John B. married Virginia Marzoff(?) and he is connected with Loyola University in New Orleans. Neola married LaVerne Marietta and they have one son Tommy. They lived in Iowa City, Ia. John L. and Cynthia K. Hasseltine(?) Billingsley died in Bowling Green, Ky. and was buried at Old Union Cemetery. Arthusa Jane married Rev. Samuel Badger. They had three children as follows: Edith May, Carroll J. and Charlene. Edith married Oliver Rogers. No children. Carroll married Muriel Holtsclaw. No children. Charlene married Alva Karraker. They had two sons, Gene and Jimmy. Arthusa Jane was married the second time to Stephen Booth. Sarah Jane Lambert married Benjamin J. Herrington in 1846. She died in 1854 and left no children. Elizabeth Garrett Lambert was married to John M. Wright in 1851 and died in 1854 leaving one son Lycurgus. Lycurgus married but had no children. William Wiotte Lambert our father, the fourth child and oldest son, was born Feb. 26, 1830. He was married to Nancy Lucinda Dixon, a daughter of Benjamin and Purlina Pope Dixon of Allen County Ky. on Feb. 26, 1863. She died on April 4, 1864 and was buried in the family plot of her grandfather Nathan K. Pope of Allen Co. She left one son, James Knox Lambert who was born March 5, 1864. He was married to Cora VanVelsor of Humbolt Iowa on July 21, 1897. They had no children. William Wiotte Lambert was married the second time to Julia Frances Poe, daughter of Benjamin and Christana Russell Poe. She was born Oct. 20, 1848. The following children were born to them viz:- Amanda Ellen, Susan Peden(?), Edwin Seymour, Diana Flora, Martha Meador, Rufus Russell, Charlie Reed, Valeria Valentine and Queen (Quincy) Anne. Amanda Lambert married Nicholas Cassetty. Their children are as follows: - Tina, Lester, Nina, Leland, K., Sterling and Shelvin. Tina married Arthur Bryant and has four children. Viz: - Helen, William, Woodrow and Virginia. Helen first married Joe Wainscott and has two girls Bettie and Linda. Her second marriage was to Ernie Robertson. No children. William married Catherine McCartney and they have six children: Caroline, Mary, Arthur, Neel - two others. Woodrow married Jewell Hammond. They have two girls Joyce and Bonnie. Virginia married Henry C. Fischer Jr. They have two sons, Gerald and Stephen. Lester never married. Nina married Henry Cassetty and had 6 children - Raymond, Thurman, Ernest Carl, Nicky, Norma and Ruby Raymond married Frances Coffman - one son Bobby. Thurman married Rosalind Powers - three children Patricia, Shirley K. and Susan. Ernest Carl died in service in World War Two. Nicky married Lois House - one daughter Kathryn. Norma married Henry Wheeler. Leland Cassetty married Hattie Norris. They have a son and daughter, Jerry and Jewell. K. Cassetty married Jessie Moore Dixon. They have four children Lora Dean, Mary Ellen, Billy and Otis. Lora Dean married Gene Prichard and has a son Porky. Mary Ellen married Carl Partlow. Billie and Otis are in U.S. Service. Sterling Cassetty married Oma Davenport. They have two girls, Lena May and Lucile. Lena May married Joe Jolly and has a daughter Patricia. Lucile married Bob Travis and has a daughter Sheila. Shelvin Cassetty never married. Susie Lambert married Marion Meador. They were given five children as follows: Besse, Eva, Lillie, Elgie, and Kermit. Besse married David Meador and has no children. Eva, first married Charlie Meador and had 4 children - Flora Bea, Billy, Phillip and Sue. Bea married O. D. Harvey. They have a son Jerry. Billy died in the army. Eva later maried Bob Gaulden and has a son Jimmie. Lillie married Paul Foster. They had a daughter Imogene. Elgie married Mary Alice Dalton. They have four children as follows, Ruby, Joe, Virginia and Gordon. Kermit died when a young man. Edwin Seymour Lambert died with fever in early manhood. Flora Lambert was married to Clarence Woodcock and had four children as follows,: Minnie, Bera(Beatrice), Luther, and Alcia. Minnie married William Harper. They had three children. Two died. One son Calvin lived and married Catherine Blankenship and has one boy named Larry. Berea(Beatrice) married Jim Whittemore and has three children J. K., Delcia and Elsie. Luther married and has a daughter Eva Lois. Alcia died in girl-hood. Rufus Lambert married Mary Johnson and has one girl Mayme Frances. She married Odis England and has two daughters Daphne and Lavonia. Martha Lambert married Jesse Gettings and to them were born the following: - Alma, Delbert, Edgar, Lola, Earl, Elsie, and Willard. Alma married Herschel Hammond. They have six children as follows. Virgie, Jewell, Homer, Billy, Lenard and June. Virgie married Homer Gregory. They have two children David and Patty. Delbert married Bonnie Evans Redman. They have no children. Edgar married Bea Shaw. They have one daughter Diane. Lola married Herlin Bray and had four children as follows: - Frances, Shirley, Jesse and Billy. Shirley married Betty Sue _______ - no children. Elsie married Garland Martin and has one girl DeLois. Earl married Frances Hughs. They have five children: Joseph, Wilma, Mary, Margaret & Betty. Willard married Frances Hicks and has two children, Martha Evalyn and Jimmy Lee. Charlie Reed Lambert first married Mattie Strain. They had one daughter - Ila. She first married a Mr. Borders and has a son, R. L. Later she married William Knowles of Miami Fla. Valeria Lambert married Lela Alexander. They have three children, Lillian, Eunice and George William. Lillian married Earl Hinton and has two sons and a daughter. Viz: - Hollis, Harold and Kathleen. Eunice married Lee W. Taylor. They have two children Peggy Donece and Vickey Lee. George William married Margy Fowler. They have two children, Darrell Leon and Sylvia Francine. Annie Lambert married Pierce Richards on Apr. 3, 1918 and has no children. Karen Happuch Lambert died Sept. 10, 1854 - not married. Josias Lambert married Mary Susan Wright, daughter of Phillip and Susan Wright, Dec. 24, 1861. They have six children born to them: - Henry Banister, Phillip Wiotte, Joseph Thornton, Finis Mitchel, Garfield and Bertha Blaine. Henry married Rufina Forth July 3, 1886. They have three children as follows: - Lee, Ethel, and Iva. Lee Lambert married Stella Harris. They have one son, Guy Neel. He married Lillian Link and two children were born to them as follows: Linda Joe and Billie. Ethel married Clarence Wade - no children. Iva married Burton Garrett. They have one son Leon. Joseph married Mand Hunt - no children. Phillip, Mitchel and Garfield never married. Bertha married Webb Nincy. They have one daughter Mary. Barbara Lambert married Nathan Pope. They have four children born in the following order: Arthur Lee, Mary Emily, Josias Grant and Lily Lovell. Arthur and Emily were never married. Josias married Ada Jones. They were given four children. Viz: - Ewell, Frances, Clarence and Alma. Ewell married Earline Woodward. They have two daughters Phillis and Joyce. Frances married Elmer Long - no children. Clarence married Elizabeth Johnson. They have a daughter Delilah. Alma married George Parrot and has a daughter Barbara. Lily married Emery H. White and one son was born to them, Emery H. Jr. He married Mary Jane Maxey(?) as has three children a follows. Emery III, Johnny and Suzanne. James K. Polk Lambert, the youngest brother, died on Sunday April 19, 1863.